Have you ever heard someone say they are "going to shoot Skeet", but are actually shooting something more akin to Trap or perhaps Sporting Clays?  The term "Skeet" is quite often used incorrectly in a very general sense.  In reality, there are several different shotgun sports, of which Skeet is one of them.  So what are the differences?  Here is a general overview of the 3 variations offered at Red Eagle...

Skeet is a recreational and competitive shotgun sport where participants attempt to break clay targets flung into the air from two fixed "houses"... a "high" house on the left side of the field, and a "low" house on the right side of the field.  The field itself is composed of 8 different shooting positions, or "stations", laid out in a semi-circular fashion.  Each station has a set number of targets, totaling 25 at the end of a round of Skeet.

Trap is a shotgun sport where clay targets are thrown from a single "trap" house located in the center of the field.  The trap machine inside the house oscillates back and forth 45 degrees on either side of center.  The shooter stands on one of 5 stations ranging from 16 to 27 yards behind the trap house.  All targets travel away from the shooter, and though the vertical angle is constant the shooter does not know exactly where the clay will travel due to the constant (and hidden) oscillation of the trap machine.  The shooter will fire at 5 targets per station, for a total of 25 targets per round of Trap.

Five Stand
Five Stand is a shotgun sport somewhat similar to Skeet and Sporting Clays.  A Five Stand field typically consists of 6 to 8 fixed clay target throwers.  Shooters stand at 1 of 5 stations and shoot targets based on a "menu", or pre-selected sequence of target locations.  3 rotations are shot from each station including a single, a report pair, and a double for a total of 25 targets per round of Five Stand.