Red Eagle Elects New President for 2014
An interview with Jay Cleveland, President Elect 2014, for Red Eagle.
Boscoe Godfrey sat down with Jay Cleveland to discuss Red Eagle Skeet and Trap Club.
Boscoe: Jay, congratulations on being elected President Elect
Jay: Thank you Boscoe and the other members of Red Eagle
  for electing me President. That means a lot coming from the members of the Club.
Boscoe: How long have you been a member at Red Eagle
Jay: I originally joined in 1984 when I was in high school. It was through my father's membership. Later, I joined the club with my own membership after college and have been a member since.
Boscoe: I have shot with you and you are one of the better shots in the club. How did you get started in Shotgunning?
Jay: I was able to start hunting at an early age with my grandfather. He was a very good shot with rifle or shotgun. When I was in grammar school in the fall of the year, he would take me hunting after school and it was something I always looked forward to. That's what gave me the beginning in shooting and firearms.
Boscoe: What do you see for the future at Red Eagle under your direction?
Jay: A first class shooting club, which it already is, but with more emphasis towards the club gravitating in the direction of international shooting capabilities since there are none in the southeast. This would give the youth shooters a place to practice on a international level as well as any member or non-member. What that would do is possibly create a future Olympic shooter or scholarship to a University.
Boscoe: One of the things we share, is our desire to have fun at Red Eagle. How do you plan to keep it fun?
Jay: Shooting with you of course Boscoe. Also, the opportunity for everyone to shoot at an orange flying target regardless of their discipline, whether it's trap, skeet, 5 stand, or a stick bird. It's all fun. Laugh, smile, joke, shoot.

Boscoe: You were instrumental in bringing 5 Stand to Red Eagle. How has that worked?
Jay: So far it's been great Boscoe. Everybody that has shot has really enjoyed it. We even had a fundraiser shoot back in August for the Sylacauga Tennis Team. It was very successful and the club gained new members from the fundraiser shoot. It is a challenge with it's target presentation as we all know. Some of the easy looking birds are the ones that will get you due to their angle and curve, but the 5 stand is fair and a challenge for any level shooter.
Boscoe: Red Eagle has a rich history of skeet and trap shooters. Share some of the names and their back grounds.
Jay: The first person to get me to Red Eagle was Kay Wilson which is a life member, that was back in 1984. He had a clothing store next to my parents' jewelry store on Broadway. After joining Red Eagle and shooting with Kay, we began to deer and turkey hunt together. He was a Remington 870 shooter all gauges. I also remember the time Mr. Pat Patterson was at the gun club. Anytime he was there the doors were open and he was always willing to lend a helping hand. He always wanted to show new shooters the way skeet should be shot whether they wanted it or not, but what a great ambassador to the sport! Every club needs that type of person then and now.
Tommy McGilberry, which I have known for 25 years, is one of the most dedicated Red Eagle members since his beginnings with the club. He knows the history of the club and most of the people who have ever shot skeet.  He was an international skeet shooter for the National Guard out of Ft. Benning, Georgia. If there were an encyclopedia for skeet shooting, Mr. McGilberry would be it.
Boscoe: What about our young shooters?
Jay: Well Boscoe, if it wasn't for the youth shooters, the sport would die. Thank goodness that Red Eagle has a lot of young shooters because they are the ones that will fill the shoes of those that are here now. Without that, the sport and the club would cease to exist. They are the future. 
Boscoe: Address Red Eagle’s relationship with 4-H shooting.
Jay: Well as I previously stated, the youth shooting is the future of the sport. Red Eagle provides our surrounding 4-H groups with a facility for them to practice and Hold the state shoot. Last year, Tallapoosa County went to the National Shoot in Nebraska because they won the state here in Alabama. I personally shot with everyone on that team over the summer. They are all great kids and very good shooters.
Boscoe: Finally, do you feel bad about taking all that money from me on our Tuesday Dogfight nights?
Jay: Boscoe, wish you could have been there more often! That little bit of money you let me win has about run out. We are going to do it again next year on Tuesdays so maybe you and Big John, Mike, Frank, Jeff, Mac, Gerald, Bill, and the list could go on, so come on. To answer your question, I have not lost a bit of sleep.
Boscoe: Thanks for what you have done for Red Eagle but thank you for what you will be doing coming up!